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Cardew and Students at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, 13th. May 2017

Delighted to be included in the exhibition “Cardew and Students” at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, May 13th – June 17th 2017. Three of my “kraak” ware jun glazed plates sold at the opening. All the more surprising as my work is unknown in the UK. The latest batch of these plates is filed under “Latest”, but here are the three that sold.


“Kraak” ware Jun glazed dinner plate.
Cobalt over jun fern fish dinner plate
Cobalt over jun “kraak” ware fish dinner plate

Michael O’Brien dishes

Adding a board of Michael O’Brien’s dishes to Pinterest


RDS National Crafts Competition Winner 2015

No-one was more surprised than I was to win the Ceramics Prize,”established maker”  at the RDS National Crafts Competition today.


National Crafts Competition Winning dish:” Four Ravens, Four Raptors”. 14″ x 14″ ash-glazed stoneware
The winning dish, back. The Raptors.
R.D.S. official photo.


Recent Large Square Dishes: National Crafts Awards Winner at the RDS

As well as the large Jun bowls below, I’ve been making some very large square dishes, over 14″ x 14″ (about as big as will fit on a kiln shelf) with a mixture of sgraffitto through slip, and wax resist over biscuit-fired underglaze.


This is the dish that won the ceramics prize at the RDS National Crafts Awards in July 2015

Four raptors on the back


Four ravens on the front.

Mu, The Emptiness of Bowls, Opening

We had a good crowd for the opening of Mu on Thursday 25th, June. Dr.Nicola Gordon Bowe talked at length and in glowing terms about the work. And we got a very nice notice from Deirdre McQuillan in the front page of Saturday’s Irish Times Magazine. “Bowling Along”, below right.