Other Work

Sometimes I am asked to make things other than pots or pictures, like Tibetan Prayer Wheels for the Festival of World Cultures in Dublin, or a vast plinth for the Brahmasthan of a Vedically designed house. Besides genuine viols and violins, I have made fake musical instruments for movies, and replica instruments for restored castles, even an “ancient” harp for an Irish pub in Singapore. I am open to suggestions and requests. Photographs of some of these objects will appear here from time to time.


A new departure, a glorified doodle, marker-pen on a paper table-cloth for my son Murrough’s 31st birthday. Liberated by a visit to the Collection de l”Art Brut in Lausanne. It just evolved as a 60s psychedlic colour-trip, all saying Happy Birthday Murrough (in Hindi and Mandarin as well as English)

September 2013, I made a small exhibition of replica Tudor pottery of the types found in sites on the west coast of Ireland for the local “Pirate Queen, Grainneuaile Festival.” The explanation of the work follows. The images can be found in the Replica ware section of this website.



5 Dhyani Buddhas.

A friend saw the paper table cloth from Lausanne, and wanted something similar. So I made him this mandala of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas from the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition. It’s a western take on Tibetan Buddhist symbolism. Orthodox Tibetan Buddhists please excuse this rather unorthodox representation of the Buddhas and their symbolism. Overall it measures about 32″ x 18″ and was done in brush tip felt pen with some white acrylic.