Month: June 2015

Mu, The Emptiness of Bowls, Opening

We had a good crowd for the opening of Mu on Thursday 25th, June. Dr.Nicola Gordon Bowe talked at length and in glowing terms about the work. And we got a very nice notice from Deirdre McQuillan in the front page of Saturday’s Irish Times Magazine. “Bowling Along”, below right.


27th June 2015. Irish Times Magazine

A blackĀ  oilspot bowl was featured in the Irish Times Magazine on Saturday 27th.

MU, The Emptiness of Bowls Exhibition

Here’s a photo of the gallery with some of the bowls, for “Mu, The Emptiness of Bowls”, opening 6.00pm, Thursday next, 25th June, at NAG Gallery, 59, Francis Street, Dublin 8


Mu The Emptiness of Bowls, gallery shot

Here’s a shot of some of the bowls in the gallery -show opening Thursdasy 25th JUne at 6.00pm, NAG Gallery, 59, Francis Street, Dublin 8

Updated 5th.June 2015. Firings for “Mu” produced some surprises

Oilspot glazes, so called for their speckled appearance, are extremely sensitive to kiln atmosphere. Total oxidation for a long time at high temperature is essential. But when a localised pocket of reduction occurs, the effects can be wonderful.