Category: Latest Work

Recent Earthenware

From the most recent tin-glazed earthenware firing;

Two Canopic urns and Ganesh incense burners

The canopic urns, or funerary urns have removable lids, here a cat and a hawk, modelled on ancient Egyptian examples. The Ganesh incense burners can be used to burn solid incense cones, inside, the smoke emerging through Ganesh’s crown. They also hold standard agarbatti joss sticks.



New Departure to sculpture: Goddesses

These figures are a recent departure, arising from a desire to have a “garden goddess”. Modelled on the format of terracotta deity figures or “murtis” I saw in the pottery village of Molela, southern Rajasthan, India, a few years ago. Made in pit-fired earthenware, stained with oxides and wax polished. Click on the thumbnail to see full size photo. They are about 16″ high by 7.5″ wide.



Latest Firing. 1st November 2018

Here’s a selection of work from the latest stoneware firing, mostly commissioned.


Updated 6th September 2017

Stoneware versions of “Kraakware”, the 17th century European imitation of late Ming Dynasty export porcelain.